Ombré Powder

A technique using a machine to create a soft powder look. Brows will be light at the front and will gradually get darker at the tail. This technique is suitable for all skin times - oily, dry, normal, and combination.


This method adds microblading hair strokes to the brows’ front to mimic real hair, then powder ombre shading on the rest. It is generally recommended for clients who don’t have any hair, especially in the brows’ front bulb.


For any clients that have had previous eyebrow tattoos by another artist. This service is to color correct, refine, cover-up, and/or add symmetry to your preexisting tattoo.

touch up

6 - 8 weeks | $75
2 - 6 months | $100
6 - 12 months | $150
1 - 2.5 years | $200
2.5 years+ | Full Price
After your initial procedure, initial touch up is recommended after 6 to 8 weeks to complete the procedure. Once completed, brows should last 1-3 years before annual touch up is needed.