Mommy and Colette


These Mommy and Me sessions are definitely becoming my favorite, they’re so precious and gives me all the feels.

We took these around Mother’s day this year which meant May Gray in California, so the only time the lighting was good was during sunset which meant Colette’s bedtime. We thought since she loves being at the beach and having her dad around to make her laugh, it would be fine. Boy were we wrong! Don’t mess with babies and their sleep schedules.

Colette’s normally the happiest baby and a natural in front of the camera but right when we were about to start, she shook her head as soon as her toes touched the sand. She only wanted to be held and signed for some milk. The wind didn’t help either she was making chattering noises and being quite dramatic bundled in her blankie,  you can see in some of the pictures she was not having it but somehow I find it so adorable and kind of funny.

Felt so bad that she was cold and wasn’t having a good time,  so we wrapped up after 10- 15 minutes. Although, we didn’t get many shots of her alone, the few that we do have, I absolutely love! Having an amazing photographer is really everything.

Instead of taking pictures, our family enjoyed watching the sunset together and then headed out to a relaxing dinner near by. Its always these sweet moments with my family that I’ll cherish forever and what I think about every time I look at these images. 🙂

Dress –  Moulinette Soeurs
Makeup – Smokey brown shadows using Tart in bloom palette, makeup forever HD crème blush #210, Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk lip liner and colourpop liquid lipstick in bumble.
Hair – Loose beach waves

Colette: Dress – Peek Kids

Photographer: Jen Gagliardi

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